The National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec The Musee is located in Battlefields Park, also known as the Plains of Abraham. It delights thousands of citizens and visitors every day. Behind the Musée is a superb view of the park and the St. Lawrence River. The Museum of Civilization With its exciting, new way of presenting culture and ideas, the Museum has attracted 14 million visitors since its opening in October 1988 and is today one of the most visited museums in the country. It is a place of wonder, knowledge, and reflection thanks to an approach centered not only on exhibitions, but also cultural and educational activities and collection development and preservation. The Plains of Abraham The site of many clashes for supremacy between the French and British Empires, the park is the scene of the 1759 Conquest, which changed the fate of North America. Apart from its historical past, the park is to Québec what Central Park and Hyde Park are to New York and London: a city park of outstanding value, the lungs of the city. One hundred and three hectares of meadow and grassy knolls, decked with flowers or covered with snow, are there for residents and visitors to enjoy. Old Quebec in a carriage While accompanied by your guide and magnicent horse, you will delight in discovering the many little hidden treasures and the great history of our Capital city. Our tours are provided in the comfort of carriages that comfortably accomodate up to 4 adult passengers. In the event of inclement weather guests are kept comfortable by a retractable canopy and warm cosy blankets. Old Quebec in Red bus (2 floor) The best excursion to discover and explore the Quebec City you have been looking for. Historical, romantic, fashionable, fun and shopper friendly. Hop on and hop off the red loop as often as you please and see Quebec City on your own time and at your own pace. Enjoy fantastic views from the open top deck, it's unique, it's le Bus rouge! The Old Port of Quebec The year 2012 was a record year for the old Port of Quebec with a record of 117,000 cruise passengers visiting the city and clearly demonstrating the historical traffic experienced by the port in this pivotal year of its development. As an international cruise port Quebec more than ever occupies a leader position in the province of Quebec. Discover why this place is so popular with travelers from around the world. The Quartier Petit Champlain and its shops Shops, restaurants and even shops and stuff, in a beautiful setting! The Grand Theatre de Quebec Located in the Upper Town, this theater offers diverse events for everyone Le Capitole de Quebec Le Capitole de Québec is a unique and magical place. Majestic stairway, gilded trim, luxurious railings, it is filled with memories of a by gone era. The Theater Petit Champlain The Theater Petit Champlain, dates back as far as the mid-nineteenth century. Its primary purpose was the theater. In 1990 a project to have it renovated and transformed around French music and songs. The opening of the first House of Song in the French speaking world takes place on 18 October 1994. Grande Allee is also known for its bustling night life: dance floor with DJ, romantic terraces, bars singers ... what a great way to put a little spice to your evening!